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Communication Systems
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Communication Systems

Electech’s Communication Systems service line is designed to equip you with an efficient communication system that increases productivity and improves performance. We understand that selecting the perfect communications system is a challenging task that requires balancing costs with user requirements while ensuring the system will be able to handle future growth and remain flexible to adapt to the rapid developments in technology. This is where we leverage our technical knowledge and industry experience to help you select, install and maintain an efficient communications system that achieves that perfect balance.

PBX Installation and Servicing

Our professional team has deep knowledge, resources and experience in designing and delivering Voice and Data communication systems that meet your goals and protect your investment in technology for future adaptability. As a third party vendor our consultation is unbiased, uncompromised.

Our service lines of PBX installation have positioned us to stay abreast of the PBX’s technical developments and customize our products in response to these developments. Using this in-depth technical expertise and knowledge of industry best practices, we can install and maintain a communication system that meets your organization's unique requirements.

Supported products include Avaya, Nortel, Siemens and more.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

A power protection system is an essential, albeit significant capital investment. From initial consultation through installation and maintenance, our professionals at electech will leverage their technical knowledge and industry experience to help you make an investment decision that is cost-effective, reliable and convenient to maintain. Your business needs are unique and we will work with you to select the best solution for your organization. Being a third party vendor, we are able to provide you unbiased consultation including a comparison of how effective the leading brands are in meeting your unique requirements.

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