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We have worked to develop customized voice and data solutions for a wide range of clients in several challenging environments. Regardless of the size of the project or the industry of our clients, our priority is to ensure we understand your needs and help you make technology investments and improvements that fit your organizational structure and anticipate future trends. A few recent sample projects are showcased below:

Project Spotlight

Galileo Reservation System

GalileoElectech is currently working with a number of travel agencies in integrating telecom services with the Galileo reservation system. Using the Caller ID, an incoming call is intelligently directed to a Call Center with an automated reservation screen pop-up. A ticketing agent, at the end, sends an email ticket with a voice clip of the recorded conversation for an assured transaction. Multiple locations of a travel agency are seamlessly integrated for client and product specific call routing resulting in efficient utilization of resources and enormous economic benefits.

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